Top Two Programming Languages of the Recent Times

Well, there are around 800 programming languages out there, and if you ask me to pick just two, it's gonna be tough! Every language has its own importance, its own specialty, and its own use cases. For example, we cannot use Java to develop games, similarly, we cannot use C for web development. Quite a bad choice, huh!

Thus, every language is special and different. But talking about the recent times, by recent times I mean,

Growth over the past 10 years

Future scope for the upcoming 10 years.

Then it will be quite easy to pick two!

And it will be much obvious that those two programming languages will be PYTHON and JAVASCRIPT.

Well, this is completely according to what I think, feel free to put your counterpoints in the comment.

Let’s start with the “WHY” part!


Python is one of my personal favorite programming languages out there. Easy to learn, Easy to work with, Python is one of the top choices in recent times.

Created by Guido van Rossum, Python is almost 30 years old and even older than Java (Haha, Fun Fact!). But over the past 10 years, the growth of Python has been exceptional, and now it is in the list of top 3 programming languages by many sources out there.

Python stands out to be the top choice for technologies such as Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development and is quite high in demand.

Let’s check where Python is used,

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Web Development
  • Game Development
  • Embedded Systems
  • Internet of Things
  • Desktop Development
  • And so much more….

Well, there is the simple funda, If you can learn and master one programming language and do almost everything, then why try and master multiple programming languages?

Well, Python is used in wide areas, is high in demand and there are multiple opportunities for you if you know Python. Python seems to be the technology of the Future and is one of the main technology used by many tech giants out there. It is growing quite rapidly and does not seems to slow down and thus, has a bright future ahead.


JavaScript is much of a buzz word in the developer community these days. Well, wait! I am not talking about the old client-side JavaScript that you remember of, sadly it's dead. JavaScript has drastically evolved over the past few years and just from the client-side language, it has become a full-fledged programming language.

The JavaScript about which developers used to make jokes around, it’s now among one of the most used programming languages. Well, it is true that web development without JavaScript is unimaginable, and now that JS is also used for backend, it has made its grip even stronger.

The power of JavaScript is in its amazing frameworks, such as React, Ember, Vue, Svelte, and more that have completely change the development cycle and made things quite easier, and fun.

Just like Python, JavaScript is used in wide areas, some of which are —

  • Web Development (Front end and Back end)
  • App Development
  • Desktop App Development
  • AR/VR
  • Machine Learning
  • And more…

Well, most of the frontend are generally developed using React these days, and JavaScript is the base for all that.

JavaScript is one of the must-have skills for developers in recent times and surely is the future.

If anything other than COVID-19 cases is growing rapidly, then it's Python and JavaScript! Well, surely we won’t need any vaccine for these two. 😉

If you want to make a career in programming and computer science, if you want a high paying job, then JavaScript and Python are a must these days.

Well, there are many other promising and amazing technologies out there that we cannot ignore, but these two seem special.

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